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Health Care Sage consultants have successfully implemented N-tier client-server, data warehousing, web based and expert systems. Our recent projects involve the development of a data warehouse and a web-based expert system. We can assist your organization in implementing IT systems that address your organizations needs.
  • Infrastructure Design and Development - Design and implement an infrastructure that can meet your business needs and grow with your organization. We also can develop re-usable software components for your organization, promoting reliability, consistency while minimizing cost.
  • Technology and Product Review - Our consultants will evaluate your organization and provide recommendations for software, hardware and industry standards.
  • System Analysis and Design - The key to implementing a successful system is the development of a design that satisfies the system requirements. We can also create custom re-usable libraries or object models specifically for your organizations needs.
  • Custom Text Retrieval Engines - Design and implement custom search engines to support corporate knowledge transfer.
  • Systems Integration - Integrate and enhance custom and commercial software packages to your environment.
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